disable uac windows 7

you can disable all UAC prompts by going to run (Windows Flag+R) and typing
Then drag the slider to the bottom.

You may need to restart PC to take effect.

Is It Safe ?
 There are no risks to disabling UAC, provided you run as a standard user.

You should always run as a standard user on Windows.
On Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, you can create an account that is a standard user. The downside of this is that if you want to perform anything that requires administrative access to the computer, e.g.:
  • changing date/time
  • installing software into program files
  • editing local machine registry settings
you will have to fast-user switch to an administrator account in order to perform the operation, then switch back.
Nobody wants to actually run as a standard user all the time, so they run as an administrator full time. The risks of running as an administrator is that you can accidentally damage your Windows installation. Running malware, or a security breach, can take complete control of your computer.
UAC is the comprimise, where you are stripped of your admin privelages, unless something comes along that requires admin access. UAC temporarily grants you admin privelages, until that operation is complete.
  • Running with UAC enabled is the same as running as a standard user.
  • Running with UAC disabled is the same as running as an administrator.
  • Running as an administrator is a risk.

Note: Even with UAC disabled, ie and Chrome will still use protected mode.
UAC is a technology where you are stripped of your admin privelages, so you can't do damage. Internet Explorer and Google Chromeboth take advantage of a similar feature available since Vista. They run in "protected mode"; they run with less privelages than evenstandard user.
Even if you disable UAC, and run as an administrator full-time, your browser will still run lower than you, to protect you from you.
Note: Firefox does not support protected mode, and will run with the same privelages as you are. i.e.:
  • Administrator, UAC enabled: runs as standard user
  • Administrator, UAC disabled: runs as administrator
  • Standard user, UAC enabled: runs as standard user
  • Stardard user, UAC disabled: runs as standard user

i don't recommend anyone disable UAC. But if you must, run as a standard user. If you cannot stand runnnig as a standard user, at least use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. If you use Firefox as an administrator with UAC disabled, and you encounter a security vulnerability, your computer can be completely taken over.

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