Disable Autoupdate Windows 7

Log in as an administrator. At the "Welcome screen" press Control+Alt+Delete (press the ctrl button, alt button, and del button at the same time then lift off the keyboard) twice and you will see another log in screen where you can type the Administrator username and password.

Open the "Control Panel". You can do this by clicking on Start -> Settings -> Control Panel. If you have the standard view, click onStart -> Control Panel. If all else fails you can go to Start -> Run -> type "control panel" and press "OK".

Open "System". If you don't see the System icon you may have to press "Switch to Classic View" on the left panel. If all else fails here you can go to Start -> Run -> type "sysdm.cpl".

Click on the tab called "Automatic Updates". This tab is on the top row and second from the left.

Select "Turn off Automatic Updates". You must press the white circle on the left of the text to select it.

Press "OK"...

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