How to Remove Credit Link - blogger Template

Actually, these links are attached with some JavaScript or CSS. Finding JavaScript from the template and then removing is too boring and time-consuming also it requires lot’s of effort to do this. But in other hand, you can easily hide the credit/footer link via CSS. This method is very simple, everyone should can do it without troubles.

1. look at the bottom of your blog.

at this article, i use template from ThmeXpose. Another template should be done with the same way.

2. goto blogger dashboard

search for "Template Designed By", comment by add <!-- at the front and add --> at the end. it will look like this <-- / Template Designed By : -->

3. adding style visibility hidden will make it disappear

add style='visibility: hidden' at the <a> element.

4. Save Template, and refresh/reload your blog.
you can watch video tutorial here :

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