Soundcloud Unfollower - chrome extension

This is just another simple soundcloud unfollower, nothing fancy, but very helpful for someone who doesnt like to spend lot of times with single click on every soundcloud account followed.Imagine if you have followed thousands of soundcloud accs.

I know everyone can make this script easly. This extension is for people who doesnt like scripting etc.

you can even minimize it so you can do another job with your computer while unfollower works.

get the extension here :

soundcloud unfollower

After installed, go to soundcloud and login.

make sure you are logged in and soundcloud follower icon appear on the top corner of browser.

with extension enable, then go to following page : 

at here you just sit down and soundcloud unfollower will unfollow all followed acc. You can then go to bed to sleep or just go to another tab to continue another browsing while soundcloud unfollower work.

To enable/disable extension :

goto extension page : type chrome://extensions in address bar

that's all. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for buy me a beer.

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