how to enable Remote Desktop Windows 8

Step 1: Open Windows 8 desktop Control Panel and click on System and Security while viewing the Control Panel in Category mode. In System and Security, click on Allow remote access under System to open System Properties.
"buka Windows 8 Control Panel, dan klik pada System And Security, kemudian klik allow remote access"

If you are comfortable using the Run box, you can run SystemPropertiesRemote.exe command to open the System Properties directly.
"bisa juga dilakukan dengan run box, masukkan "SYstemPropertiesRemote.exe
Step 2: Navigate to Remote tab in System Properties,check the radio button Allow  remote connections to this computer and click onApply button.
"Pada Remote Tab di system properties, centang allow remote connection to this computer dan klik tombol apply"
Step 3: If you are using your computer in power saver mode and your computer goes into sleep or hibernate mode when not in use, Windows will ask you to change the configuration in Windows Power Options. This will make sure you have a seamless connectivity while in the middle of remote connection.
"jika menggunakan power saver mode dan komputer standby/sleep/ hibernate sewaktu tidak dipakai, windows akan menanyakan untuk merubah konfigurasi di windows power options"

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